Hi darlings! Happy New Year, Yaaay!

With the new year, I’m starting something that I’ve been trying to start for the past five years now, and that is blogging. I’ve opened several blogs in the past which have never seen the light. But I told myself that this 2019, I must and I will blog. Now here I am with my very first post and I’m happy you’re reading it.

Ok let’s talk about this dress! I wasn’t expecting this dress to look this dope (not that I expected it to turn out badly) Maybe because It was very easy to sew.

The fabric I used is a medium weight knit fabric. I got it from Warri’s famous Igbudu market, for just Three hundred Naira (₦300) a yard. I used two yards for this dress. For the Cape, I used an old black cotton fabric that has been in my storage for ages.

I was a bit scared to combine both fabrics for a couple of reasons. First because both fabrics are not identical in anyway (i.e one is stiff and the other is stretchy). Second reason is I was attaching the cape to the cross grain of the knit fabric, and this might stop the stretch around the shoulder, making too tight to fit me. I just blocked out all my fears, and gave it a shot, and it turned out perfectly.

Below are more pictures of the dress and the pattern I created to make it.





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