My Velvet Front Twist Dress

Hi there! I was so scared I won’t be able to post another sew and tell outfit this week. With all the work I had piled up, it’s really difficult to make out time to sew for myself. But Hey! Here I am with another dress to show you; My Velvet Front Twist Dress.

I’m so in love with this dress, I feel Royal in it, I think it’s because of the colour or the Velvet or both, which ever, I just love it.

Although it gave me a bit of a hassle to sew, as it’s my first time working with Velvet. The fabric is very slippery and stretchy under the machine, causing the top layer of the seam to grow longer than the bottom layer and my notches end up not matching. It was so frustrating. I had to finish up some parts of the sewing with hand stitching. Despite all the issues, the dress turned out great in the end.

I got the fabric from Igbudu market in Warri. It cost me N700 for a yard of the Velvet fabric and I used two and a half yard for this dress. You can get Velvet in pretty much any fabric market, it’s really common.

Have nice weekend everyone!

Elsie is such a great photographer, loving this pictures


DIY Velvet front twist dress

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