Why Amaka Disappoints Episode 1 (Importance of Fitting)

These days, tailors that disappoint are referred to as Amaka (Thanks to Tuface, Amaka is now synonymous with disappointment) This is as a result of the following reasons;

⁃ Not delivering at the time they said they would ( This is basically poor time management and taking more tasks than they can handle)

⁃ Not getting the exact style the customer requested for ( The “I can sew it syndrome”)

⁃ The clothes sewn doesn’t FIT well on the customer.

Now this is the major focus; Fitting.

A lot of tailors don’t know they are supposed to do fittings for their customers. Doing fittings will solve about 90% of their sewing problems and also make customers happier with the results of their sewing.

During fitting, a customer can see how far along the tailor has gone in designing their garment and they feel attended to. They also see if the tailor got the style that they wanted or not or if changes need to be made. More importantly their clothes get to fit them right.

Fitting is done by making a test garment of a design with inexpensive fabric. The test garment is worn by the customer and necessary corrects are made on the test garment before being transferred to the main fabric.


The fabric used for fitting should very be similar to main fabric.

There are a few reasons why tailors should do fittings

⁃ it saves time; you waste more time trying to correcting mistakes made on the main garment. That could have been avoided by doing fittings and making the mistake on the test garment.

⁃ It saves fabric; a major mistake can occur, but it would be on the test garment. You avoid wastage of the main material by doing fitting.

⁃ You always get a perfect fit when you do fittings.

⁃ It also gives you the opportunity to experiment with a design without fear of ruining an expensive fabric

Fitting can be seen as time consuming, but it’s really not, if you say laborious I agree, but it’s worth it and I believe it would solve a lot of our sewing issues.

The cost of fitting should definitely be added to your charges.

This might be a hard gospel to swallow, because you’ll be sewing twice, the same design and also charging customers extra for it, a bit of a pickle right?

There are a few tricks you can do;

– Give your clients an option of two price list one with fitting and one without. Explain to them the advantages and disadvantages, so that if something goes wrong they know why it happened. A high value customer will always pick the better option.

– You can skip fitting for designs you’re sure of and do fittings for designs that are complicated.

If you have a different opinion, please share in the comments below.

Have a nice Weekend. Enjoy!

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