Why Amaka disappoints| Episode 2| (“What I ordered VS What I got”)

Hi Guys, it’s been a while I made blog post, finding time to sit and write these days has been a bit of a hassle. I’ve got a lot of projects running at the same time, hoping I’m not biting more than I can chew. Well here I am again with another post.

Before a customer meets a tailor, she has fantasied about the badass dress the tailor is going to sew for her, how beautiful she’s gonna look in it, and how all eyes would be on her. Imagine all these dreams crushed, by a tailor who just couldn’t get the style right.

Welcome to Episode 2 of Why Amaka disappoints; “What I ordered VS what I got”

What I ordered Vs. What I got
What I ordered Vs. What I got

This issue has been going on for years, people keep complaining about how tailors never get the style they wanted. I Used to think it was a Nigerian thing, until recently I went to my Aunty’s house and I met her in a pretty awful mood. She started complaining to me that she asked a tailor in Senegal to sew a dress for her, she sent him the style she wanted and paid a HUGE amount of money to this tailor. The dress arrived and it was terrible, I tried to say something nice, but the words weren’t just coming out. The dress was just horrible, I could only shake my head. I thought Tailors in Senegal were better.

Obviously this a problem, so what’s the cause of this issue. I gave it a thought and three things popped up in my mind that could be part of the cause of this problem.

1. Illiteracy:

This is an issue. Don’t crucify me yet. This doesn’t apply to all illiterates. I believe there are people that have the gift of manipulating fabric and gauging measurements with their eyes. But illiteracy can impede a lot of areas in running a successful sewing business and sewing as a whole ; like good communication with clients, exposure, mathematics and most of all reading and writing. It would take a whole lot of work and wisdom for an illiterate to overcome these issues.

2. Poor Sewing Education:

Over the years a poor sewing education has been passed on from generation to generation. A lot of poor sewing practices have been taught to people, which is affecting the sewing and bespoke industry in Nigeria. Thank God for the introduction of fashion schools that teach good clothing construction techniques and help students develop good sewing habits. There has been a level of improvement in the sewing and fashion industry. Although those with poor sewing habits still exists, their number reduces year after year.

3. Lack the Gift:

Unfortunately the gift to picture a 2 Dimensional fabric in 3 Dimensions that fit a human body wasn’t given to everyone. If you can’t picture it in your mind, you can’t create it. The good news is; it can be learnt. You can learn anything you put your mind to.

Well, this is all I have to say on this matter. If you have a different view or opinion or you’ll like to add to these points I’ve given, please comment below. Till the next post.


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