My Velvet Front Twist Dress

Hi there! I was so scared I won’t be able to post another sew and tell outfit this week. With all the work I had piled up, it’s really difficult to make out time to sew for myself. But Hey! Here I am with another dress to show you; My Velvet Front Twist Dress. I’m … Continue reading My Velvet Front Twist Dress

4 Ways to Finish Seam’s without an Overlocker

There’s nothing like having the inside of your garment as beautiful as the outside. This only happens when the inside of a garment is finished properly. Unfinished garments not only look hideous, but can lead to unraveling of the raw edges of the fabric. The most popular way to finish a garment is with an … Continue reading 4 Ways to Finish Seam’s without an Overlocker