My Valentine Date Outfit

Some of my friends thought I was crazy combining two prints together. The question “Are you sure this would work?” Kept ringing in my ears, and I almost began to doubt myself, but I followed the rules. There’s always a method to the madness when combining prints, but this is a topic for another post. … Continue reading My Valentine Date Outfit

Why Amaka Disappoints Episode 1 (Importance of Fitting)

These days, tailors that disappoint are referred to as Amaka (Thanks to Tuface, Amaka is now synonymous with disappointment) This is as a result of the following reasons; ⁃ Not delivering at the time they said they would ( This is basically poor time management and taking more tasks than they can handle) ⁃ Not … Continue reading Why Amaka Disappoints Episode 1 (Importance of Fitting)